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Hypnobabies Comfort & Calm for the New Parent 4-Track Set

AFFILIATE LINK DISCLOSURE: If you purchase this product using this shop link, Atala Doula Services will receive a modest commission. Affiliate links are only offered for products believed to be beneficial. Use coupon code atalahypnobabies for a 10% discount. Thank you for your support!

Hypnobabies 4 New Parent Tracks grouped together in a discounted set to help you feel more relaxed, confident, and calm during your first year of parenthood!

1) Positive Parenting Affirmations, non-hypnosis
2) Breastfeeding Success, hypnosis
3) After Your Baby Comes, hypnosis
4) Peaceful Sleep Now, for ALL, hypnosis

Please READ before ordering: Hypnosis is generally not recommended for those with certain mental disorders and/or some kinds of seizures. If you have any of these, please consult with a mental health professional and/or a medical professional to see if hypnosis would be a good and safe option for *you* before ordering this hypnosis product or using any kind of hypnosis.

Please read the FULL product description *before ordering*, for more product details, safety information, and testimonials!

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