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Birth Services

Compassionate, empathetic, empowering support for your birthing experience

Do you have a vision of what you imagine your birthing experience should be? Do you feel overwhelmed by the information and choices you have for your upcoming birth? Having an educated and trained birth doula who believes in your ability to achieve the best birth experience for you and your baby can ease the overwhelming feelings by ensuring you have support throughout pregnancy, labor, and birth.

Postpartum Services

Personal, reassuring, relieving support during your transition to life with a newborn

Have you heard of the 4th trimester of pregnancy? This phase is the first few months immediately following pregnancy and birth, and it’s a time when birthing people and their families should be able to depend on others to help make the transition to their new way of life easier. Having a postpartum doula, even if just for a couple of hours, can provide the support you need when you most need it.

Bereavement Services

Trauma-informed care and support for those experiencing pregnancy or infant loss

Processing the range of emotions that come from the loss of a pregnancy or infant is essential for learning to live with the grief without having the grief overtake your life. Being able to connect with a bereavement doula can give you a safe person to discuss what you’re feeling, to talk about your baby and the loss, and to lean on for support in managing whatever tasks you may need help with.

Other Products/Services

Products and services not directly related to doula services are also available. These offerings may complement your doula services but are available to everyone, whether or not you are a doula client.

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