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About the Name Atala

Close-up of Atala butterfly flying over grassy field
An Atala butterfly in flight

If you’ve explored this site, you may have noticed the use of butterfly imagery throughout. Butterflies are what the world has when caterpillars undergo a complete metamorphosis, a transition from one sort of creature to another. This change reminds me of the transformation every birthing person experiences as they transition to being a parent — when birthing their first child or their tenth, even if their role is that of a surrogate to support the formation of a separate family, whether their time shared with their child on Earth is brief or enduring their entire lifetime — pregnancy and birth are incredibly metamorphic experiences.

Atala (pronounced aa-TAA-Laa) Doula Services is named after a specific species of butterfly, Eumaeus atala. The Atala butterfly is a beautiful black butterfly with blue markings, ranging from deep blue to teal and aquamarine, and a pop of vibrant reddish orange on the body. The color blue elicits feelings of calm, peace, serenity, and tranquility, which are the feelings I want to encourage and support throughout the birthing and postpartum experience. The bright orange promotes the reminder to be bold, invigorated, and optimistic in our birthing decisions and to maintain a balance in our physical energies throughout pregnancy and labor and into parenthood. This particular butterfly is known to fly slower, which represents the need for patience and endurance during pregnancy and birth.

Are you ready to feel supported, empowered, and at peace as you begin this life-changing journey?

Please reach out so we can discuss your needs and how Atala Doula Services can best serve you.

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