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Hypnobabies Birthing My Twins Naturally 2-Track Hypnosis Set

AFFILIATE LINK DISCLOSURE: If you purchase this product using this shop link, Atala Doula Services will receive a modest commission. Affiliate links are only offered for products believed to be beneficial. Use coupon code atalahypnobabies for a 10% discount. Thank you for your support!

Birthing My Twins Naturally 2-track MP3 set is for all those pregnant with Twins – not just Hypnobabies students!

TWINS Track 1: Birthing My Twins Naturally MP3 ~ is a deep self-hypnosis session which includes suggestions that turn your babies’ movements into deep relaxation and comfort for you, suggestions for carrying your twins to full term, and your babies both being head down…in the perfect position for an easier, more comfortable, vaginal twin birth. There are confidence-building suggestions as well, which include you visualizing your babies’ births, and you being comfortable and relaxed throughout your twin pregnancy.

TWINS track 2: Twin Birthing Affirmations MP3 ~ is not hypnosis; it is a powerful affirmations track which is designed to be listened to anytime – in your car, while falling asleep at night, during the day, and during quiet times. The purpose of this affirmations track is to neutralize any negative thoughts, comments or influences that twin moms could be exposed to on a daily basis. Listening to affirmations increases your confidence level which is very important as you prepare for your vaginal twin birthing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This double-track Twins MP3 set was NOT designed to be used as a complete preparation for childbirth hypnosis program. These tracks supplement childbirth courses such as Hypnobabies or other classes.

Please READ before ordering: Hypnosis is generally not recommended for those with certain mental disorders and/or some kinds of seizures. If you have any of these, please consult with a mental health professional and/or a medical professional to see if hypnosis would be a good and safe option for *you* before ordering this hypnosis product or using any kind of hypnosis.

Please read the FULL product description *before ordering*, for more product details, safety information, and testimonials!

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