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Postpartum Doula Individual Hours (nighttime)


Purchase individual postpartum doula nighttime hours for personalized, in-person support during the 12 weeks following delivery.

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Purchase individual postpartum doula hours as needed without committing to one of the postpartum doula packages. A minimum of 2 hours for each night is required (for example, if you want postpartum doula support on 3 nights, you’ll need to purchase at least 6 hours). A maximum of 23 hours is available; if you would like more than 23 hours of postpartum doula support, you’ll save by purchasing the 30-hour Postpartum Doula Package.

Common schedule: 3 nights with 4 hours of support each night or 6 nights with 2 hours of support each night

Hours should be scheduled in advance to ensure availability. Unlimited phone/text/email support, even beyond the newborn stage, is included.

Travel up to 50 miles each way from West Roseville (95747) is included. For in-person support outside of this radius, a separate travel fee of $50 per additional 25 miles will be required.


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