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Birth Doula Prenatal Visits

Wondering what your birth doula prenatal visits will include? Here you’ll find information about when these visits are typically scheduled and what topics will likely be discussed/reviewed. Each visit’s timing and agenda is flexible and is intended to be personalized for you to best meet your needs.

1st Visit (typically between 27-32 weeks)

We’ll start to figure out your vision and goals for your birth experience.

Topics likely to be discussed during this meeting:

  • Any questions/concerns/fears you have
  • Prenatal nutrition and exercise
  • Trauma history (as applicable)
  • Birth plan options (or review existing documented birth plan)
  • Personal coping strategies

2nd Visit (typically between 34-36 weeks)

We’ll want to review the details of your planned birthing experience and develop ways to achieve your birthing goals.

Topics usually covered during this meeting:

  • Prenatal activities to encourage baby to be in an optimal position before labor begins
  • Practice coping strategies (visualization, massage, comforting touch, etc.)
  • Birthing positions
  • How to identify active labor
  • Birth team/who will be invited to the birth

3rd Visit (typically between 37-38 weeks)

It’s time to take care of the final preparations for your upcoming birthing experience!

Likely agenda for this visit:

  • Finalize your birth plan as needed
  • Review any information/resources you’ll need to confidently and intuitively make decisions during labor/delivery
  • Lactation information (if applicable)
  • Newborn care
  • Discuss postpartum plans
  • Nest preparation (setting up a comfortable space where you’ll spend time feeding, caring for, and resting with your newborn), as time permits
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