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Lending Library Policy

Available Books

The Atala Doula Services Lending Library will be regularly maintained/updated to ensure only available books are listed. If for any reason a book is shown in the library but is unavailable for checkout, you will be notified and an opportunity to be added to a waitlist will be offered.

Borrowing Books

There is no charge to borrow a book from the Lending Library. To check out a book, contact Atala Doula Services online, by email, or via phone/text.

Loan Periods

All books are loaned for 30 days at a time, at which point they must be returned or renewed. A reminder email will be sent before the checkout due date.

Returning Books

Books may be returned during a scheduled doula visit, via drop-off or pick-up, or by mail at the client’s expense. Contact Atala Doula Services online, by email, or via phone/text to make return arrangements no later than the due date for your checkout.


All books are eligible for renewal every 30 days, up to one (1) year from original checkout date. Renewals must be requested; they are not automatic. To renew, contact Atala Doula Services online, by email, or via phone/text no later than the due date for your checkout.


If a book is not returned or renewed by the due date, a fine of $1.00 per day will be assessed. The maximum fine assessed will be $60.00, at which point the book will be considered lost.

Damaged Books

Damage to books beyond normal wear and highlighting/writing in margins will require the book to be replaced in one of the following ways: 1) payment for current retail price of the book as paid by Atala Doula Services, or 2) purchasing a “very good”/”like new” used copy, or a new copy, to give to Atala Doula Services.


Monies paid for unreturned books will be refunded (or fines forgiven, if unpaid) when the books are returned in good and usable condition, if returned within 3 months from most recent due date. A full or partial refund (or removal/reduction of accrued fines) may be granted beyond the 3-month overdue period at the sole discretion of Atala Doula Services.

Policy Violations

Failing to return borrowed books in accordance with this policy, including failure to pay fines and/or damages, will result in being excluded from the Atala Doula Services Lending Library until books have been returned and/or fines/damages have been paid.

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