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Your Pregnancy Week by Week

 Author: Judith Schuler and Glade B. Curtis  Category: Pregnancy/Birth  Publisher: Da Capo Lifelong Books  ISBN: 0738218936  Pages: 480

The classic week-by-week guide to a happy, healthy pregnancy–celebrating over 30 years of expert advice Doctors recommend it and pregnant couples rely on it–and you and your partner will find it indispensable For over thirty years, Dr. Glade B. Curtis and Judith Schuler have helped millions of parents-to-be navigate and prepare for the most exciting and challenging time of their lives–and now they’ll help you. With Your Pregnancy’s signature week-by-week format, including illustrations of your baby, you’ll easily and comfortably follow your baby’s development as it grows during these exciting 40 weeks. Whether you’re a first-time parent just learning to navigate pregnancy or an experienced pro, Your Pregnancy Week by Week is the perfect, comprehensive resource to guide you through your pregnancy. In this eighth edition, Dr. Curtis and Schuler address today’s most pressing questions and concerns, including: Detailed descriptions and illustrations of baby’s development. Information on medical tests and procedures. Tips on nutrition, your overall health and how it affects your growing baby. Safe and easy weekly exercises to help you stay in shape. Covering a wide range of new topics such as elective delivery, electronic cigarettes, pregorexia, salt-therapy spas, belly bands before and after pregnancy, and men preparing for pregnancy, Your Pregnancy Week by Week makes sure you and your partner will have everything you need to know at your fingertips–for this pregnancy and for any to follow.

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