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Portal: The Art of Choosing Orgasmic, Pain-Free, Blissful Birth

 Author: Yolande Norris-Clark  Category: Pregnancy/Birth  Publisher: Bookbaby  ISBN: B0CH4JND79  Pages: 386

Imagine a birth experience that is peaceful, ecstatic, and truly pain-free. What if birth didn’t have to involve resistance, struggle, agony, or “labor” of any kind; and was simply spontaneous, centered, sensual and rapturous? What if you had access to a way of knowing birth and welcoming the surge so you could experience every aspect of the expansion, opening, and emergence of your baby as paradise? In this groundbreaking book, internationally beloved radical birth liberation activist, birth-witness, spell-breaker, way-shower, childbirth educator, midwifery teacher, and mother Yolande Norris-Clark reveals that all of this–and more–is possible for every woman. Contrary to popular belief and cultural conditioning, birth is not a medical event. It is in no way an ordeal from which women need to be “delivered,” an obstacle to overcome, nor an inevitably excruciating experience that we must withstand. Instead, childbirth was created according to the sacred blueprint of our divine design to be joyful, psychedelic, transcendent, and transformational for both mother and baby. “Portal” is equal parts memoir, philosophical and theological treatise, polemic, poetic transmission, and practical guide. This unflinchingly deep manual for transformation tackles not only birth, but all the portals in this life and beyond: relationships, spirituality, lifestyle, plant medicine, cosmic travelling, sex, orgasm, and death. The book offers a roadmap for practicing the universal principles of surrender, yielding, trust, pain-dissolution, self-ownership, spiritual consolidation, sovereignty, and energetic hygiene during pregnancy and birth. Readers will learn how to carry these concepts forward into all parts of our lives, in the spirit of true abundance. Rather than presenting pain-free birth as an exceptional, complex, or lofty aim, Yolande openly shares that she too experienced excruciating intensity during her first eight births. It was only until the four-day-long birth of her ninth baby at age 40 that she was cracked open and offered the golden thread that allowed her to unravel everything she thought she knew about birth, herself, and the power to choose. Orgasmic birth has nothing to do with being special, being spiritually evolved, having the right kind of personality, giving birth multiple times, or even strategy. It’s simply in our DNA as mothers. The challenges we face, however, can be significant. “Portal” exposes the root causes of pain in birth, including fear programming, direct and intergenerational industrial obstetric trauma, the darkest layers of social engineering and psychological warfare, and self-sabotage. The book’s focus is on the immense potential that every mother holds for life-changing bliss, peace, power, and healing, through undisturbed, spontaneous birth in alignment with our biological and spiritual inheritance. The time has come for women to remember The Truth: we have the intrinsic ability and right to give birth autonomously, freely, and painlessly. To access bliss in birth is more than a gift we can give ourselves–it’s a gift we can give to our babies, loved ones, and the world. When we choose to embody the unapologetic grace and extraordinary joy of birth in power, that choice ripples out into the collective and elevates ourselves, our families, and our broken culture to a desperately needed place of restoration and wholeness. Pleasurable and orgasmic birth is possible. In fact, it’s your birthright. You only have to claim it. “Portal” will show you how.

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